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Sheri Mayhew

Associate Program Director, Canadian Counselling Programs. 

Personable. Passionate. Supportive. Sheri Mayhew is a warm, friendly, and authentic registered social worker, who is also the Resource Centre Director (RCD) for the Huntington Society of Canada (HSC) within Eastern Ontario, Kingston and Belleville.

Having worked within Social Services for over 20 years, Sheri is a forward-thinking, strategic leader who has a proven record of strengths-based, client-centered practice. As a life-long learner, Sheri earned her Doctorate Degree in Education from Western University, and her Master’s Degree in Education (Educational Counselling) from The University of Ottawa. She enjoys opportunities to teach and provide support to students, clients, and families. 

Sheri works across the five Master of Counselling programs as an Associate Program Director, with a portfolio including staff recruitment and scheduling responsibilities, as well as teaching and providing doctoral mentorship.  She joined the CityU in Canada team in 2020.

Sheri applies her knowledge of mental health, addictions, rehabilitation, and neurodiversity in her role within HSC. She embraces interdisciplinary teams and enjoys collaborative community health environments. Sheri is committed to community volunteerism, having held board member positions within Southwestern Ontario and Ottawa.  

An area of passion and interest for Sheri is advocating for respectful, dignified treatment of persons with disabilities within her community. For fun, Sheri enjoys spending time with family and friends, and walking her dog. 


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