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Sina Mahabadi

This is Sina, a faculty member of BAM department who has the honour to be part of a professional team aiming to deliver the best performance. I’m a lecturer and physicist currently working in BC, Canada. I have always been engaged in continuous learning through various positions in more than ten years over five different departments including mechanical, civil, biomedical engineering, bioscience, mathematics, higher education and nutrition in more than seven universities and colleges.

My enthusiasm about cancer treatment developed when I did my undergraduate project in optimization of brachytherapy dosimetry for cervical cancer. I then resumed this passion in my master’s degree in Medical Physics in University of Surrey. The project aimed to introduce the three-gamma detectors as accurate elements in diagnoses of hypoxic tumours in PET imaging. In my PhD degree, I focused on the medical applications of DEP in both chemo- and radiotherapy of cancer. This research was aimed at improving and optimizing the effect of specific drug treatments on certain types of cancer cells, known as “stratified-medicine”.

In addition, during last ten years, I have been engaged with other positions including program coordinator, educational consultant and personal mentor in four colleges and five educational institutions. I have also been in charge with teaching special needs students having physical disabilities, non-verbal, autism and dyslexia. 

Being in a dynamic environment such as CityU of Seattle has driven me to focus not only on the academic aspect, but also on how to help students thrive in their future pathway that they desire. I consider this position as a unique opportunity to broaden my knowledge and promote my skills towards betterment of education.

  • PhD Biomedical Engineering
  • MSc Medical Physics
  • MSc Higher Education
  • BSc Bioscience and engineering
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