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Susan Day

I graduated with a B.A in Anthropology from U.B.C.  While I was studying Anthropology I was awarded a study seminar with World University Services Canada.  This seminar resulted in a summer course of studies in Guyana., especially looking at the economic and trade relationships between Canada and Guyana. After graduation I worked with different Federal Government development programs with a variety of community groups, including First Nations, not for profit, and business groups. This led to positions as a Programs and Policy Researcher for the Federal Government of Canada, and the Social Research and Demonstration Company (SRDC) During the time that I was working as a policy researcher I enrolled in and completed an interdisciplinary Master of Arts in History and English at Simon Fraser University.

This interdisciplinary M.A. worked with subject matter within larger theoretical frameworks such as colonialism, gender politics, revolutionary studies, economic history, and intersectionality. These concepts have been useful in formulating my approach to teaching.

  I have recently worked in the community as a convener of English Conversation Groups for new Canadians.  My family had homestay students from different countries living in our home while they attended local schools and learned English.  I enjoyed helping them with their English Language Learning.  

I worked with my children as they completed English writing assignments and other homework.  I appreciated observing current methods of teaching writing, particularly the use of graphic organizers for students who had not yet internalized how to proceed with a piece of writing.  In addition, I have helped to prepare young people in and around my house, for the academic writing and academic vocabulary portions of the SSAT, ACT, and SAT exams. 

It seemed like a series of logical progressions that I enrolled in the post graduate TESOL Certificate courses at U.B.C., joined professional teaching organizations, and began to onboard different paying clients who needed help with writing. I really enjoy teaching writing because I see the process as a way of organizing thinking so that the good ideas can shine! Why is writing important to my students and to City University and other post-secondary institutions?  Good writing requires the development of a clarity of mind and purpose:  I quote here from the “Bartleby” column of the Jan 15, 2022 version of The Economist: “the written word will flourish in the post pandemic workplace…due to the discipline in thinking that is imposed by the writing process.”

Why is my background in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language important to City University in Vancouver and to my students?  Uniquely and almost universally the students at City University in Vancouver are from cultures that do not use English as their everyday language.  Even the concept of narrative may differ from culture to culture.   I am looking forward to laying the foundation for successful writing for future careers, starting with clarifying the notion of sequence of events in a North American English business context.

 In addition to teaching, I enjoy gardening, kayaking, and being at the beach. I prefer to never cook another meal in my life. I am a Master Gardener and understand that being proactive by caring for the local soil, plants and microbes to be a part of environmental sustainability, which is one of my core values.  Not to mention how much I enjoy beautiful flowers and delicious veggies (not a phrase of academic English). 

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