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Teresa Winfield, MSW, RCSW

Teresa is currently an instructor at City University and has been in this position since January of 2020.  She comes with a wide variety of knowledge as a clinical social worker with experience working in settings such as: hospitals, schools, intensive residential treatment, private practice and charitable and/or non-profit organizations.  She’s had the pleasure of working with almost every age group and when asked what her specialization is, she is pretty sure that all the anxiety, stress, relationship issues sexual concerns, etc. that people bring are rooted in some sort of “little t” or “big T” trauma experience. 

In her current position, she teaches courses that she’s had the most experience with as a practitioner.  As such, this experience allows her to mix all of the great experiences that she’s gathered as a therapist and weave it in with course materials so that students will actualize what they learn in the community.


I don’t have any of these but if I was ever asked, I would want to be involved with research related to adolescents with sexual behavior problems.


In the classroom, Teresa brings her experience as a therapist and incorporates this into a real-world approach to teaching each topic.  She believes that her students are better prepared to connect theory to practice when they understand how the concepts in their textbooks actually play out in their own lives and those of their clients.  She teaches through stories and engages each person in lively discussion that challenges them to think in new ways.  She also understands that each student is a unique and capable learner who may have a different way of approaching their studies so she is focused on better understanding what they need in order to thrive.


Sexuality, Practicum I & II, Brief Therapies

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