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Zahra Ladha, PhD

Academic Director

Dr. Zahra Ladha is the Academic Director for Canada, for the Bachelor of Arts in Management.  She obtained her Ph.D. from The International School of Management in Paris, France, her MBA from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and her Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University in Canada.

Dr. Zahra has over 12 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the Healthcare industry, primarily working in North America, to conduct market research, launch products, train physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, as well as Sales Consultant on new medical and medical device products.  She has worked for three global Healthcare companies and contributed positively to the growth and success of each one.

In addition to this industry experience, Zahra has over 16 years of University teaching experience. She has taught various courses in the business schools at the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University in Canada, as well as 1.5 years of teaching MBA level courses at the Canadian University of Dubai, in the UAE, and has taught 5 executive MBA courses in Paris, France.  She also has experience in Corporate Training, where she successfully developed and delivered three training courses to the 75 staff of a client in Dubai.  Dr. Zahra has published papers on various topics including branding in the pharmaceutical industry, the consumer behavior of millennials, and country happiness rankings, amongst others.  For fun, she is a published author of 3 children’s books.

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