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FAQ Student Financial Aid

Financial Aid FAQ’s

Do I need to be admitted to my academic program before I can apply for student financial aid?

Not necessarily. Each student financial aid program (e.g. government student loans, award competitions etc.) will have terms of reference including when to apply and application deadlines. For Canadian government student loan programs, typically an applicant may apply prior to course enrollment however, the applicant will need to know what program they will be entering and understand that the school cannot confirm enrollment as part of the loan application process until the minimum eligible course enrollment is met and falls within the school’s loan certification period.

What is a student line of credit?

A student line of credit is a loan product through a participating financial institution (e.g. bank, credit union) for students to help with expenses related to post-secondary education that may include tuition, books, and residence costs. As part of the application process, the lender may provide a form to you that requires information from CityU in Canada. Please contact  for assistance. Click here for information on student lines of credit>Elvia can you please embed this link into student lines of credit that launches to a separate browser.

I have previous government student loans that are currently in repayment or expected to go into repayment, but I am returning to studies at CityU in Canada and I want to stop these payments. What do I do?

To maintain good standing with your lender(s) it is strongly encouraged that you address outstanding loans and repayment arrangements as soon as you have decided that you are returning to studies. You will want to know what options are available under repayment supports through your lender and understand what documentation may be required to initiate repayment support. Often, processing times may be several weeks after completed documentation has been received by the lender and decisions will vary. Therefore, it is recommended that you have prepared for any next-scheduled repayment date as a precautionary measure. Please contact for guidance.   

I have already started my academic year and my financial circumstances have changed. I have unmet financial need to complete my study period. Can I still apply for student financial aid?

This will depend on what type of student financial aid sources you want to pursue. Most Canadian government student financial aid programs allow completed applications after the academic program start date. For some, the latest a completed application may be received is six weeks prior to the end of the study period. Deadlines vary and it is strongly recommended you do not delay in exploring application as soon as your financial circumstances have changed. Other sources such as student lines of credit are typically open all year to apply. For award competitions, application deadlines will vary (some are annual deadlines and others may be various intakes throughout the year).

Are my tuition payments at CityU in Canada handled by the Financial Aid Office?

 No. Please refer to CityU in Canada tuition and payment plan information at Tuition webpage.

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