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Financial Literacy and Financial Aid Tips

Potential Methods of Funding:

Bank Lines of Credit:  lines of credit or student lines of credit a student will take out to supplement the shortfall. This depends on your credit score, your credit history etc. It is best to review your options either with an accountant or with a financial planner at your local bank

Sponsorship Opportunities: Some students seek out sponsorships through nonprofit organizations (like the Canadian Mental Health Organization) and write letters of intent to see if a nonprofit has a sponsorship budget. It’s like writing an essay about how helping your education will help you give back to the community. A database of non profit organizations can be found through local government websites.

If you are working at the moment or have a union, some students will inquire with them for sponsorship as well.

External Resources:

Private Database of Scholarships

Government of Canada Financial Literacy Links


Debt and Savings Management

International Students:


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