Heather Henderson answers your Master of Education degree in ALBERTA questions

We sat down with Heather Henderson, Faculty member and Director of our MEd program in Alberta to address some of the frequently asked questions she hears from students considering the Master of Education program with CityU Canada in that market.

How big are the classes?

Heather: Typically classes have 10-15 students.

Who teaches the courses?

Heather: Scholarly practitioners who know Alberta and who know ‘education in Alberta’! Superintendents, assistant superintendents, other central office staff, and those who have recently retired from these positions are our valued instructors.

Where do you meet?

Heather: Either at the Edmonton or Calgary campuses – or – we rent local schools and/or school board offices

Can I continue to work and go to school?

Heather: Absolutely – most of our students are teachers who work full-time Once enrolled in the program they are also considered full-time students. This is important when considering your tax return.

Why is your tuition more than other schools?

Heather: We have 52 credits and that translates into more money – yet, this also means a quicker movement up the salary grid.

What makes CityU different?

Heather: Small classes, face to face and cohort based, scholarly practitioners as instructors, and a blend of theoretical and practical courses! This focus on both theoretical and practical learning is well suited to the new and aspiring school-based leader.

Thanks for your time Heather! To learn more about our Master of Education program, link HERE.