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Indigenous History Month in Canada

Learn the meaning behind the image used for National Indigenous History Month.

Indigenous History Month has arrived! June is a month to celebrate First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities in Canada. It a month of cultural ceremony and celebration. With National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21st, the month is filled with events honouring the diversity of the hundreds of Indigenous communities that have called this land home since time immemorial.  

Along with the celebrations, however, it is also important to acknowledge and learn more about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada. This past year has reminded all of us of the painful parts of history, with over 1,200 unmarked graves of Indigenous children discovered at residential schools across Canada since last spring. As we celebrate Indigenous peoples and as we continue our personal reconciliation journeys, may we honour these children and keep them in our hearts. 

More on celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day & National Indigenous History Month will be sent out soon. But first, let’s take pause and learn more about the history of Indigenous peoples and Canada by using the resources below. Take care on your learning journey.  

Learn More During Indigenous History Month:  

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