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Intentional Team Leadership

Instructor: Corrine Thorsteinson

Time: 9 am – 12 pm

Location: Zoom Online

Price: $450 (Discount 3 or more CityU Student/Alumni)

Course Description

The Intentional Team Leadership Continuing Education Course provides leaders and aspiring leaders with practical, hands on skills and structures to apply what they already know about leadership to their team intentheir leadership with their team’s skills and talents to create synergy and productivity. Participants will learn how to prevent, diagnose, and respond to difficult dynamics that side-track and distract teams. Lastly, participants will reflect on how intentional selection processes that attract and retain ideal team players, can ensure a team and organization continue to thrive. Upon completion of the course participants will have sufficient understanding of intentional team leadership to begin to formulating their own structures and processes to enhance their teams.


As a team leader, your mission is to help your team leverage the team to achieve goals and initiatives in a way that synergizes the whole of the team’s parts. No one person on any team can fulfill every role that a productive, healthy and high performing team requires. The Intentional Team Leadership course provides leaders and aspiring leaders with practical, hands-on skills and structures to apply what you already know about leadership to your team dynamic.

Session One: The Ideal Team
  • Starting with Self– assessing how we are individually energized or drained by our work can promote greater understanding of how we lead ourselves and our teams.
  • Exploring The Six Types of Working Genius Model
    • Unpacking the assessment
    • The Six Stages of Work
    • Ideation, Activation and Implementation
    • Responsive & Disruptive Work
  • Focus on Team- assessing your team dynamic
Session Two: Dismantling Dysfunction
  • The Importance of Building and Maintaining Trust
  • Exploring the Five Dysfunctions of Team
    • The absence of trust
    • Fear of Conflict
    • Lack of Commitment
    • Avoidance of Accountability
    • Inattention to Results
  • Understanding and overcoming the Five Dysfunctions
Session Three: Intentional Recruitment and Retention
  • Assessing Team Gaps
  • Exploring the Ideal Team Player Model
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Putting it all together—reflection and development of a Team Strategic Plan

Corrine Thorsteinson is an Associate Superintendent- Human Resources with 20+ years of site-based and systems leadership experience in the education sector. 

Corrine has successfully led school and system teams and prides herself in being an ideal team player at the senior leadership level. 

Throughout these 20+ years, Corrine has come to know the power of any organization is in its people. When you get a group of high performing people working towards a common goal, nothing can get in their way! 

The Intentional Team Leadership Course developed out of a passion for leading and for the joy that comes from enabling teams to leverage their collective talent and strengths for the greater good of their organization. 

Corrine holds a B.A and B.Ed in additon to an M.Ed in Educational Leadership. She is a certified Six Types of Working Genius Facilitator and a certified DISC Profile Analyst.

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