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International Student Advising 

About International Student Advising 

Our dedicated advisors are here to help international students and accompany them during their academic journey at CityU and beyond.  

What is an Advisor?   

You might wonder what is the difference between the Student Advisor and the Counsellors in Counselling Services? 

An Advisor is a staff member who guides and supports students in navigating their academic journey. It includes but is not limited to providing information about the many support services and resources available to students. Advisors help students achieve their academic goals by advising them about their course selection and the associated academic requirements. They also explain and clarify institutional policies, describe the overarching expectations of students, and facilitate connections with other campus or community supports, resources or services. 

Here are some of the ways Advisors can assist:  

  • Transition to life in Canada  
  • Assistance with support letters for Visa, Study Permit, or Work permit applications and extensions. 
  • Clarification about part-time and full-time studies 
  • Health insurance coverage information  
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled breaks 
  • Tutorials services  
  • And more…. 

Advisors are available for virtual, over the phone, and in-person advising during regular business hours.  

What is Counselling? (Therapy) 

Counselling is a way of helping people solve their current emotional, personal, or interpersonal problems.  

Access Counselling Services through the CityU Mental Health and Wellness Program.

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