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International Student Orientation Program 

All new students are invited to program-specific orientations taking place every 3 months for undergraduate students (2 to 3 weeks) before the beginning of the quarter and once a year in early December for graduate students starting in January of the following year.  

The New Student Orientation (NSO) is important for all students joining the CityU community for the first time to get the right tools to succeed in your academic program and be comfortable with CityU before classes begin.   

City offers three types of New Student Orientation (NSO) to help you be ready for your CityU experience:

The general CityU’ s self-paced New Student Orientation (NSO) 

As part of starting your program with CityU, you will be enrolled in our New Student Orientation. This self-paced New Student Orientation (NSO) is designed to connect you with resources and tools to help you succeed academically and better balance school and life.  

International students who have been accepted into a program of study, and have paid their confirmation fees, will be contacted by email with instructions on how to register online for the Brightspace D2L orientation under the registration code OR 8000.  

This introduction consists of three required parts that students must complete during their first two terms (Quarters) at CityU. The modules and recommended timelines for completing them are: 

  • Part 1 – Preparing to Study at CityUComplete before you start your first term
  • Part 2 – Tools for Academic Success – Complete before you start your second term. 
  • Part 3 – Navigating Your Education – Complete before you finish your second term. 

When you have finished all three parts of the NSO you will receive a certificate of completion.  

If you have questions as you begin the orientation you can reach out for support to: 

  • Questions about Brightspace: Contact the CityU 24/7 Help Desk 
  • Questions about NSO: Contact your advisor. 
  • Questions about Academic Accommodations: phone 206.239.4751 or email  

You are encouraged to revisit the NSO at anytime throughout your studies at CityU. We hope you find the resources included helpful! 

The Program Specific Live Orientation (on campus) 

There is a lot to cover during orientation. While the Self-paced Brightspace New Student Orientation (NSO) provide useful tools, the Program Specific Orientation provides you with a warm welcome. Undergraduate students attend the NSO two or three weeks before the beginning of their intended starting quarter (March, June, September, and December). Graduate students are required to attend the mandatory NSO in early December is they are joining the Fulltime cohort starting in January of each year. Students will get the opportunity to meet their classmates and some alumni and be introduced to faculty and staff members.  

Subjects covered during the orientation sessions include
  • Campus Welcome 
  • Indigenous Engagement 
  • Student Services 
  • Campus Welcome 
  • Indigenous Engagement 
  • Student Services
  • Team members 
  • Admission. Registration, Petitions, etc.  
  • Tuition payment options 
  • Wellness (Including Mental Health) 
  • Official Breaks 
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Important Dates 
  • Library Services 
  • Tutorial Services  
  • Accommodation/Disability Services  
  • Students Rights and Responsibilities
  • Safe Environment  
  • Help Desk
  • Academic Department 
  • Academic Policies  
  • Academic Program Description
  • Attendance  
  • Scholastic Honesty  
  • Right to Appeal  
  • Etc.

Sample of an Orientation Schedule  

Level  Start Date  Orientation Schedule* 
Undergraduate  Fall Quarter (Oct-Dec.) Student Services: Sept. 26  Academic: Sept. 28 
Undergraduate  Winter Quarter (Jan-March) Student Services: Dec. 18 Academic: Dec. 20 
Graduate  Winter Quarter (Jan-March) All Services: Dec. 4 

*To be Confirmed  

The NSO is your one-stop to get information, ask questions, and access helpful resources 

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