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It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day!

Thank you for joining us in learning more about the history of Indigenous peoples in Canada during National Indigenous History Month. Let’s end this series (but not our learning) with a celebration of the over 1.8 million First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples in Canada! This is a day to acknowledge and learn more about the rich diversity of Indigenous communities.  

Since June 21, 1996 National Indigenous Peoples day has honoured the unique traditions and cultures of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples across the nation. The summer solstice was chosen because of the cultural significance it holds for many Indigenous peoples across Canada. Recognized for being both the longest day of the year and for being a time of abundant harvests, the summer solstice is a time of great celebration. 

To honour National Indigenous Peoples Day there are many celebrations happening across Turtle Island and you’re invited to participate!  

Join the celebration by attending events, learning more about the cultures of Indigenous peoples, supporting Indigenous businesses, and, most importantly, by building meaningful relationships with the local communities in the territories you reside upon.  

Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations 2023 
Previous Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrations: 

Want to continue honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day? 

There are many ways to continue engaging with National Indigenous History Month and with National Indigenous Peoples Day! Across Turtle Island there are community spaces and cultural centres designed with the intention of bringing people together and sharing knowledge. There are also numerous virtual spaces that offer opportunities to learn, many of which are free to access! From virtual gatherings to self-paced education tools there are endless ways to learn. A few resources to begin your learning journey include: 

Another way to honour this significant day is to support Indigenous artists, storytellers, community members and businesses. Learn more about Indigenous creators and business owners by visiting the links below:  

This list is only a few of the many ways to honour National Indigenous Peoples Day. This day is about celebration, learning, community, and building relationships. Discover the actions and ways to participate that best suit you!  


June 1st to June 30th: Share your learning raffle! 

Throughout the month of June all members of our CityU community are invited to participate in the Share Your Learning raffle. Share something that you learn or experience during Indigenous Peoples History Month and/or National Indigenous Peoples Day to be entered to win one of multiple prizes! Use this link to enter the raffle on Google Forms.    

June to September: The Application for the Investing in Indigenous Scholars Scholarship is open! 

CityU would like to remind new and incoming Indigenous students that the Investing in Indigenous Scholars scholarship application period is open and applications are being accepted until September 2023. Students awarded the Investing in Indigenous Scholars scholarship will have 100% of their tuition paid for the duration of their degree program. Visit the CityU scholarships page to learn more and apply. 

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