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Learning Technology for Business: Mastering Regularly Used Technology

Instructor: Ian Landy

Location: Synchronous Online

Course Description

Many people who are older and in business did not grow up using the technology we have nowadays. Finding time to learn and use technology in a meaningful but easy way has been difficult and can lead to frustration, reduced productivity, and even job burnout. We would like to show you how to use these new technology products in an easy and practical way so that you can integrate them well in your business life.

Our goal is simple: help you get more done with less effort. We will provide you with the tools needed to succeed in your field while minimizing the amount of time you spend doing boring tasks like looking up information or updating your calendar. We will teach you how to use these new tools so that they become second nature—and then we’ll show you how they fit into existing processes so that they become part of your daily workflow.

Day One: The “Basics”
  • Skills
  • Microsoft vs Google vs Apple
  • Email etiquette
  • Keyboarding – speed, screens and shortcuts
  • Virtual keyboards vs physical
  • Ctrl c (copy) p (paste) x (delete) z (what did I do!?!)
  • Hot keys
  • Web Browsers
  • Edge vs Chrome vs Safari
  • Caches and why some things don’t like some browsers
  • Benefits of different devices
  • Desktop vs laptop vs tablet
  • Apple vs Windows vs Google/Chrome
  • .doc .xls .pdf .jpeg .png .wav <— ??
Day Two: Wordings
  • Create, format, save, edit documents
  • Add tables and graphics (and why pages and Canva is better for this)
  • Adjust margins spaces and point form
  • PowerPoint/Keynote/Slides – create a presentation
Day Three: The Enhancements
  • Signatures (why share pronouns)
  • Write as if the world is watching…. Not that the tech department is, but…
  • Who actually sent the email
  • Organize your day
  • Why HEIC doesn’t open easily on Windows
  • What is tik tok and how to I twitter?
  • This attachment looks weird – I’ll open it anyways! Emails
  • How to check who the sender is
  • How to save
  • When to assume it’s a scam/phishing expedition
  • How to create folders
  • What is phishing??

Ian Landy is “Principaling on the Pacific” in the Powell River school district and has been supported by his wife and three children as he explores education topics around technology, mental wellness and personalized learning. Ian has been fortunate enough to spend time teaching in classrooms from K-12 and has loved his time as a principal-librarian and is excited to take on a district role around technology!

Always encouraging the blending of technology and curriculum as a key method of differentiation, Ian has been a strong advocate for project based learning via #geniushour and Self Organized Learning Environments. His school currently encourages eportfolios to communicate student learning journeys instead of traditional report cards.

Ian has also worked with a number of anxious learners (including his son) and encouraging schools that work with those students who struggle with Generalized Anxiety. Ian also blogs reflections each “day of learning” at and tweets via @technolandy

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