Master of Education – School Counselling

  • Are you are full-time teacher or balancing work and home life?
  • Have you thought about doing a Masters of Education in either Leadership or School Counselling but couldn’t fit it into your busy life?
  • Have you wanted to get your MEd but thought you’d be turned down because your undergrad GPA isn’t that strong?

These are the concerns I hear often from potential students.  They feel passionate about furthering their education and contributing more to the schools and districts, yet they can’t get through the university admissions process.  At CityU our motto is accessibility, flexibility and relevance.

Opportunity to Learn

We understand that as teachers your lives are busy.  That is why our program is offered over 2 Saturdays a month (excluding statutory holiday weekends) and during the first week of July.  That means you have less in-classroom time and more time with your own students and your families.  We also understand that your view of higher education today might be different to your undergraduate view and that the grades you attained then might not be a good indicator of the professional teacher you are today.  For that reason, we take life experience into consideration in addition to GPA.  If you want to learn, we want to provide you with the opportunity to learn.

Cohort Model

Our students tell us that they love our cohort model.  At CityU, you become part of a cohort of students, and the same group of students will take all their classes together throughout their degree program. Those cohort relationships are often what is cited by our students as one of the key strengths of the program: they help each other grow through the program, creating life-long friendships

Practitioner Faculty

Our instructors are all practitioners in the field with many years as school counsellors or senior school or district administration positions. Many also hold doctorate degrees. What that means is that we integrate real life scenarios with theory so that you graduate with sense of the importance of scholarly informed practice in leadership or school counselling.