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May 11th: Moose Hide Campaign Day 

On May 11th, you are invited to wear a small square of moose hide over your heart as a commitment to advocating against domestic and gender-based violence. Since beginning as a grass roots movement over 10 years ago in B.C., the Moose Hide Campaign has become a nationwide movement that has distributed over 3 million moose hide pins across the country.  

Wearing a moose hide pin reminds us all of the healing medicine that is cultural knowledge. As for many across the nation, the moose is a symbol of culture and the sharing between generations. It is through gathering and supporting each other that we can work towards ending violence in our communities. Please access the video and links below to learn more.   

Visit to learn more. 

*A supply of pins has been ordered for the CityU community. Please contact Jalissa Schmidt, Indigenous Campus Advocate for further information.  

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