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Mental Health and Wellness

In this complex and evolving world your mental health matters. Discover the different resources to support your wellbeing.

CityU Empower Me

Empower Me is a confidential mental health and wellness service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Empower Me is available to students temporarily located outside of Canada for a maximum of 90 days through the Dialogue mobile app or web platform.

Other Mental Health Resources

Federal and provincial Governments support mental health.

CityU Clinics

Have you been putting off your mental health needs due to financial considerations? If you are looking for support in your mental health journey, now is the time, and we are your place. City University Counselling Clinics offer free counselling services in a convenient format. Contact us today

HealthMind Clinic

Offering a safe and inclusive environment for everyone in our diverse communities to access compassionate counselling support and innovative clinical training, supervision, and counsellor education.


Here2Talk is a valuable resource for students in British Columbia, offering them immediate access to professional mental health support and promoting the overall well-being of the student community. It is an essential part of the mental health services provided to post-secondary students in the province. 

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