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Navigating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Navigating Tomorrow’s Leaders: AI, Integrity, and the Evolution of Education by  Dr. Heather Henderson  (Author), Dr. Truman Spring  (Author)

Exciting News!!! Our members from the CityU Family, Heather Henderson, and Truman Spring have published a book!

It is meant as a primer on the subject for that are trying to grasp the new reality of working with Artificial Intelligence as an ever-present partner in their daily business routines.


The book focuses on the importance of ethics and integrity, in leadership within the realm of AI. It explores how ethical leadership can support the use of AI and improve leadership skills like decision making, communication and emotional intelligence within a framework. Additionally, it highlights the significance of preparing students for a world driven by AI by finding a balance between technology and human interaction. The book encourages AI driven leadership while emphasizing the development of skills such, as understanding AI concepts fostering creativity promoting thinking and adapting to challenges.


To acquire the book click here!

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