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Sustainability Dialogues

CityU and our Bachelor of Arts in Management deliver the Sustainability Dialogues, a monthly event where we invite amazing speakers leaders in the Sustainability field who share with us their experience and expertise.

Detoxing Democracy: Lessons from the SAMbot Project

November 23rd, 5pm PT- Free webinar

Toxicity in digital political spaces is hindering representation and participation in our democracy. It affects not only who enters politics but also who stays. In this presentation, Sabreena Delhon, Executive Director of the Samara Centre for Democracy, will share findings from the SAMbot project, which used AI to track toxicity received on Twitter by candidates and political party leaders during the recent Canadian federal election. Over the course of five weeks, SAMbot analyzed two million tweets. What do the results illuminate about barriers to civic engagement in our society and ways to make politics more accessible, responsive, and inclusive?

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