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BYRC-PCRBroadway Youth Resource Centre is a program of Pacific Community Resources (PCR).

City University in Vancouver has been in partnership with BYRC since the inception of the Centre in 1999. In the early years, CityU had as many as 6 MC students doing internships at the City University Community Clinic. At this point in time, we have 3 students undertaking their internship at the Clinic. The Clinic is a free of charge community service, and interns see persons of all ages, cultures, and sexual preference. Currently, the Clinic is located at 103-2780 East Broadway, but in August the newly constructed BYRC building will open at its original site, East Broadway at Fraser, on the north side of the street. The new building will offer youth housing, a community kitchen, and all the programs currently being delivered. There will be laundry facilities for young persons to use, showers, and lockers to store belongings in.

As an agency, BYRC offers a number of programs for young persons between the ages of 14-24.

Direct service programs include: aboriginal youth victim support services; youth housing services and assistance; a resource room for young persons to connect at and become informed of other social service supports; and a Vietnamese youth development program, to assist young Vietnamese persons with settling in the Lower Mainland; and other programs (see website).

Other partners include: LOVE (Leave Out Violence); a youth health clinic; and a youth substance use counsellor with the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA).

    Pacific Community Resources

Pacific Community Resources is an award winning, accredited, not-for-profit society serving Lower Mainland communities since 1984.  The agency provides alternate education, employment, addiction counselling and prevention services, housing support, and cultural enrichment for children, youth, adults and families.

We partner with individuals, businesses, other agencies and governments to ensure access to effective, high-quality community resources for people who are often vulnerable or marginalized from society.

Pacific Community Resources is committed to community-based research, advocacy, and community development to identify service gaps and strategies to address social problems such as poverty, child abuse, mental health, substance abuse, violence and homelessness.

We currently deliver more than 40 programs serving thousands of individuals from Vancouver to Chilliwack.

Our Mission Our mission is to work in partnership with communities, other agencies and government ministries to ensure access to responsive, effective, accountable, quality services and housing for children, youth, adults and families.

PCRS’ Vision Our vision is one of healthy, civic, and productive people living in socially sustainable, safe, and caring communities.


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