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Program Dismissal Related to Professional Ethics/Conduct

Students are expected by the institution to make satisfactory academic progress toward completion of their declared academic course of study. Failure to make satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University may result in dismissal from the program and/or University. 

In addition to academic progress, courses of study that prepare students for professional roles in the community, e.g., teachers, counselors, school administrators, or industry leaders, may have an added expectation of performance requiring candidates to demonstrate a standard of character dictated by the professional ranks that they are studying to enter. Professional programs may refer to these standards as dispositions and/or ethical codes of conduct. Students entering into such a course of study will be held to these standards, as published in the appropriate program handbook upon matriculation into the program of study.

Students enrolled who violate the stated dispositions and/or ethical codes of conduct may be dismissed from the program by action of the dean. Prior to such dismissal the student shall be informed of the decision for dismissal and given an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Provost. The decision of the Provost shall be final.

(Policy #3500.25)

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