Bachelor of Arts in Management (Vancouver)


Your past education and experience count at CityU. We accept transfer credit from all accredited institutions worldwide and you may qualify to receive academic credit based upon your work experience.

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The Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM) degree program was specifically designed for anyone seeking a broad management background focusing on the organizational and human dimensions of the field. You will learn the fundamentals of management—the basic knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a manager in your field. You will learn the basics of teaming, as both a leader and member. You will also improve your oral and written communication skills as well as learn important techniques required in project management and develop research skills that will provide a pathway to lifelong learning.

BAM, enables people with a two-year college or technical institute education or two years of undergraduate university training to leverage those credits to complete a four-year degree. As with CityU Canada’s graduate degrees in Counselling and Education, ethics and environmental sustainability are embedded in the BAM curriculum. Instructors are practitioners in their fields.

Upper Division Course Descriptions
  • Designed for individuals with 60 semester (90 quarter) credits of lower division, post-secondary education in any field
  •  You can receive up to 45 semester (60 quarter) credits of lower division credit based upon your prior work experience
  •  The degree can be completed entirely in the evenings or during the day whichever works best for your work and life - in about 2 years
  •  You can start the degree four times a year January, April, July and October
  • If you have a bachelor’s degree in the arts, humanities or sciences, you can earn your bachelor’s in business as a second degree by completing the 90 credits of upper division coursework
  • Substantial financial aid packages are available for the 2018-2019 academic year
  • You want the Bachelor of Arts in Management at City University in Vancouver. We offer management BA programs with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics.

Managing and leading in the challenging and changing workplace of today demands a fresh approach, a new sensitivity and awareness to the issues facing our communities, and a more relational set of management skills. This is what the CityU’s bachelors degree in management is all about.

For over twenty years, CityU in Canada has become increasingly recognized for its outstanding degree programs that are community-practitioner focused, social justice oriented, and diversity sensitive. It is a place where each and every student matters and where there is a responsibility to contribute to building communities of practice, serving the broader community in which we are located and responding to the pressing issues of the time. This bachelor’s degree is a natural extension of this approach into the world of management

Our program is specifically designed for anyone seeking a broad management background focusing on the organizational, ethical and relational dimensions of work. CityU welcomes and encourages applicants from across a variety of sectors that seek this approach. Learning and developing leadership skills with a group of people from diverse work settings—but with shared values and intentions—is a hallmark of our unique degree programs.

Your prior skills and training have helped you excel in your work so far but your transition into a supervisory or management role requires a new set of skills and abilities The BAM program is a unique and progressive offering with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics which will give you the skills you need to lead.

Interested in finding out more?

If you're interested in learning if this program is right for you, contact Swati Randhawa, our Enrollment Advisor who will help you to answer all your questions: or 604-689-2489 (toll-free: 1-800-663-7466).  We look forward to learning more about your educational goals and how City U's BAM program can help you achieve them.

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