Publication Announcement from Arden Henley, Charles Scott & Ian MacNaughton!

Recently, Arden Henley (Former VP and Principal of Canadian Programs), and Ian MacNaughton (Former Associate Professor) have both contributed chapters to a SUNY collection which was edited by Charles Scott (Associate Professor) called Catalyzing the Field: Second-Person Approaches to Contemplative Learning and Inquiry.

Summary of the publication:

A rich collection of essays about the inner, shared experiences of participants engaged in second-person approaches to contemplative practice.

Catalyzing the Field presents a diverse series of applied case studies about the second-person dimension of contemplative learning in higher education. As a companion volume to the editors’ previous book, The Intersubjective Turn, the contributors to this book explore various pedagogical scenarios in which intentional forms of practice create and guide consciousness. Their essays demonstrate that practice is not only intellectual, but somatic, phenomenological, emotional, and spiritual as well. Along with their first book, Contemplative Learning and Inquiry across Disciplines, the editors craft an essential body of work that affirms the fundamental importance of contemplative practice in institutions of higher learning.

Catalyzing the Field makes an important contribution to contemplative education. I especially appreciate its innovative approaches, practical insights, and potential applications.” — Louis Komjathy, editor of Contemplative Literature: A Comparative Sourcebook on Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

Interested in reading the publication? Visit their website!