Recap on Dr. John Nightingale’s Presentation in the Sustainability Series!

For those who missed Dr. John Nightingale’s presentation couple of months ago , John kindly shared his PowerPoint presentation with us!

Dr. John Nightingale spoke about plastic in the ocean, how it affects the wild life and how we’re able to help!

For more information, view his PowerPoint!

About Dr. John Nightingale

In December 2018, Dr. John Nightingale retired from a 25-year role leading the global conservation organization Ocean Wise, formerly the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. Part of John’s life-long vision of a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing, Ocean Wise was established in 2017 and delivers that vision through its diverse initiatives: The Vancouver Aquarium, Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood Program, Plastic Wise, The Coastal Ocean Research Institute, The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, and partner/operator of Europe’s largest Aquarium, Oceanographic (Valencia, Spain).

As a professional biologist and public communicator with a background in marine biology, non-profit management, education and ocean conservation, Dr. Nightingale helps millions of people to become aware, interested and active in preserving the world’s oceans. Through his work at the Vancouver Aquarium and prior to that at the New York Wildlife Conservation Society / New York Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium, the Maui Ocean Centre, and Bios Inc., John has spearheaded the development and delivery of some of the world’s most effective aquatic ecosystem science, interpretation and public engagement programs. He inspires children to become marine scientists, citizens to become volunteers and donors, and governments to enact polices protecting marine mammals, fisheries, and ecosystems.

During his twenty-five years at the Vancouver Aquarium and now it’s overarching parent organization Ocean Wise, he guided the expansion of the organization’s leadership in conservation, education and research while focusing operations on sustainability and solid fiscal performance. As a result, the Ocean Wise / Vancouver Aquarium is not only perhaps the “greenest” cultural public institution in Canada, it is the only one that is financially self-sufficient, operating without an annual subsidy from Government. Under John’s leadership, Ocean Wise grew to a $40M+ operation with over 500 staff and 1300+ volunteers.