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Are you an educator who wants to advance your career without giving up your full-time job? If so, this program is perfect for you!

Our mission is to make education available to everyone with the desire to learn – in a way that works for you.

CityU’s MEd Leadership in Education degree program will help you become a well-rounded, more effective educator – someone who demonstrates leadership not only in the classroom but in all parts of the educational community.

Whether you are aiming at a career in administration or just wish to become a more effective teacher, the program will allow you to develop yourself as an educator in a holistic and comprehensive fashion.

CityU’s MEd Leadership in Education program will help you become effective leaders who:

  • Build, Lead and Mentor teams
  • Develop and Understand Meaningful Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment.
  • Effectively Manage Human Resources, Budgets, Legal Issues
  • Know Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Provide Effective Supervision of Instruction
  • Are Conversant with Educational Technologies

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