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Situational Leadership Workshop

September 16th, Monday, 6pm to 10pm PST
Cost: $75

In this workshop we will explore the concept of Situational Leadership which was developed by Ken Blanchard and Dr. Paul Hersey. Participants will learn how to practically apply the concepts when delegating in their own work context. The course covers the following:

• What are the categories of employee development and maturity?
• Distinct types of leadership styles.
• What is participative leadership?
• What is empowerment?
• Mapping leadership styles to situations based on employee development.
• Why delegate?
• To whom to delegate.
• How to delegate effectively.
• Delegation mistakes.
• Delegation opportunities for each participant.

Floyd Bjorgan leads the Situational Leadership Workshop. Floyd has over 30 years of leadership experience in mid-size private and public businesses and a Fortune 100 company. He has worked in Canada, Australia, and the UK and trained leaders in those countries as well as the USA. His work has primarily been as a senior executive in companies providing software technology and professional engineering services until 2020 when he founded Vector Three Consulting to provide leadership training and management consulting services.

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