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Sponsorship / Third Party Billing

Sponsorship (Third Party Billing)

In order to set up third party billing, written authorization must be provided to City University giving the university permission to bill the company or organization.  The payment by the third party is to be sent directly to City University.  Payments sent by the company to the student are not considered third party billing.

A third party authorization can take one of several forms.  It can be a letter of credit, a tuition voucher, or a tuition assistance form.

The authorization should state the following:

  • Who is covered (usually just one student, but it could be more)
  • What the third party is covering (tuition only, period covered, tuition for one particular class,  amount of funding, all fees, etc.) as well as any special billing instructions
  • Where the invoice should be sent

*Include a contact name, phone number and e-mail address

For more information about how to set up third party billing, please contact

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