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WriterJump Storytellers Workshop

Instructor: Paul Donnett

Location: Zoom Online

Price: $250

Course Description

This 18-hour, 3-day virtual certificate course provides the essentials of story development for all major media:

  • Film
  • Television
  • Podcast
  • Fiction writing
  • Social media

Participants are guided through the steps of narrative design, including finding a compelling story idea, building your world, creating relatable characters, mapping your plot, and writing your scenes. Included: The WJ Writer’s Toolbox, including over a dozen tools to help organize, start and finish your writing project.

*This course provides core highlights from WriterJump’s Story in Media Certificate Program. Participants will receive a $200 discount code for the full SIM program, including 52 hours of live group instruction and 12 hours of 1-on-1 coaching to take your writing project to the next level.

Course Schedule

Day 1

  1. The power of story (2 hours)
  2. Choosing your story idea (2 hours)
  3. Finding your creative voice (2 hours)

Day 2

  1. Characters (2 hours)
  2. Plot mapping (2 hours)
  3. Making a scene (2 hours)

Day 3

  1. Script table reads (2 hours)
  2. Thinking and communicating narratively (2 hours)
  3. Getting your story to the world (2 hours)

Paul Donnett is founder of WriterJump, where he mentors writers and content creators in partnership with Nikelodeon, Vancouver Film School, Langara College, Vancouver Acting School, and the SislerCreate digital media program. Formerly the Vice President of Academics at SchoolCreative and Director of Education at Story Institute, he has written for film, television, podcast, web series, graphic novels, and social media.

His greatest joy, however, has been working with thousands of aspiring young storytellers in secondary and post-secondary classrooms across Canada to find their creative voices, turn original ideas into commercially-viable narratives, and confidently pitch their projects to industry leaders. Father of five, Paul understands the transformative power of story to change lives. He looks forward to helping you tell yours.


“Paul Donnett = engagement! He combines creativity, professionalism, industry-readiness, passion and a down to earth approach to teaching story development, which my students absolutely love. His lessons, direction, and feedback have proven crucial for my students to bring their stories to life. Students love everything Paul brings to the table!”

Jamie Leduc, Director, SislerCreate / The Orange Tree Project

“Paul has been become an indispensable part of our script writing and filmmaking process. His knowledge and expert advice has helped my students make enormous advances in their skills and practice in all stages of production. He has helped many students enter the post-secondary and professional world of film.”

Phil Byrne, Teacher, Burnaby North Secondary