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Strategies for Caring: Boundaries, Burnout and Vicarious Trauma

Thursday, September 19 and 26, 2024. Both nights 6pm – 8pm   PST

This workshop will explore the factors that lead counselling professionals to experience vicarious trauma and burnout related to their work. We will look at the relationship that boundaries and resilience can play in countering these effects.

In today’s demanding educational and clinical environment, the impacts from engaging with ongoing trauma and crisis management can have a profound influence on the well-being and effectiveness of clinicians. The goal of this workshop is to investigate and understand the links between building rapport
and setting boundaries and how both can impact how we manage our own well-being.

Topics examined include rapport and resilience building, countertransference as well as an opportunity to learn about the seven types of boundaries.

Through discussion and real-life scenarios, participants leave with practical and effective strategies to reduce the impacts of the work we do on our overall wellbeing and personal lives. The goal is for new and seasoned professionals to recognize challenges to our boundaries in the workplace and create empathetic but controlled responses that can foster a more sustainable career.

Sonja Arsenault is a dedicated parole officer, having worked with the Correctional Service of Canada for the past 15 years.  She is known for her commitment to rehabilitation and the reintegration of offenders into society. With a background in social work and a deep understanding of criminal justice, she brings a compassionate yet firm approach to her role; focusing on helping individuals overcome their past mistakes while becoming productive members of society. Her work is characterized by a strong belief in the value of rapport building that is balanced with a strong ethical system, as a cornerstone of client centered work.  Pivotal to her role is ensuring the sustainability and well-being of workers in the helping fields while recognizing the value in focusing our work on the possibilities of hope and justice.  

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