Supplemental Application Information – MED in Leadership (BC)

In addition to the general CityU  application, the MED in Educational Leadership program in BC requires the following supplemental application materials to review your candidacy.  For each of the following, please download the form, complete it, print it and upload it using the fields below.  This will ensure your documents are received in a timely way. If you have difficulty with the upload process, you can submit your materials via email to or via postal mail to:

City University in Canada
Attention: Admissions
789 W. Pender Street, Suite 310
Vancouver, BC  V6C 1H2

Consent to contact references

Because of the nature of the MED in Educational Leadership program, we frequently want to speak directly with your  references about your qualifications and background.  Please complete this form to provide us with consent to contact them.
Please save this form as "Your name-BC Leadership-Consent Form" before uploading.

Self Assessment

As the essay and writing sample for the MEd in Leadership program, we require that candidates complete two short essays.  You
should be able to provide roughly 100-300 words to answer each question.


Please upload your answers in a PDF or MSWord file named "Your name-BC Leadership-Essay Questions" to ensure that it is linked with your application.

Professional references

City University requires three professional references for the MED in Educational Leadership program.  Please download the reference form and send it to each of your references.   Your references can either email the form back to us directly at or you can upload the form here.
Please make sure each uploaded file is named as follows so that it can more easily be associated with your application. " Your Name-BC Leadership-Reference from Reference Name". Please upload them one at a time. You do not have to upload them all at the same time. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE REFERRER'S SIGNATURE.


Curriculum vitae/resume
Please name your file "Your Name-BC Leadership-Resume" to ensure that it is matched with your application.