Supplemental Documents for International Students in Bachelor of Arts in Management (for Vancouver BC only)

In addition to the general CityU application ,the Bachelor of Arts in Management program in BC requires the following supplemental application materials to review your candidacy.

Please note: We require an official transcript (Original or certified copies of diplomas) with certified English translations in addition to the supplemental documents listed below.

  • Prerequisites
  • Current bank statement: Current bank statement (of sponsor’s, if applicable) covering living and tuition expenses for the first year.
  • Sponsorship Letter: If applicable.
  • Passport ID: Copy of the ID page of your passport.
  • Study Permit: Copy of Study Permit and/or any other official document issued by Canadian authorities.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: If your undergraduate degree was earned outside the recognized universities: Canada, USA, UK, NZ, Australia, Ireland), please submit proof of English proficiency.
  • Resume
  • Name changes: Only if applicable.