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Support to practice supervision

This workshop series, offered in partnership with The Federation of Community Services of BC, will help participants gain an appreciation for how cognitive coaching, instructional coaching and solution-based, positive psychology skills can be blended to help identify goals, recognize opportunities, overcome obstacles, make meaningful progress, and celebrate success.

Many organizations that deliver direct support services to clients, including youth and family outreach, centre-based therapeutic and support services, school-based support, and care-home services employ supervisors or managers with the dual responsibilities of supporting effective practice while also providing administrative oversight. This workshop teaches those managers to understand the spectrum of supervisory responsibilities and supports the development of specific supervisory skills that enhance direct services that meet the unique needs, preferences, and circumstances of the client. 

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the different responsibilities, roles, and area of focus on the continuum of supervision for managers and supervisors in a community-based social service agency setting
  • Analyse the different types of supervisory influence and skills required to support front line staff members in delivering direct services to clients 
  • Apply the different domains of support to practice framework in a logical flow in a specific service context
  • Generate effective questions to support client-focused support to practice supervision

Organizational benefits to this model of supervision include: 

  • Enhanced services for clients through model adherence focused service plans continuous service effectiveness feedback
  •  Increased employee satisfaction through: 
    • focused case review 
    • support to service mandate 
    • concrete service plans.

This training is best suited for individuals who supervise front-line practitioners in the social service sector. The course is offered in partnership with the Federation of Community Social Services of BC. 

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