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Synergizing Your Leadership Team

Instructor: Corrine Thorsteinson

February 3, 10, 24, March 2, 2024

Time: 9 am – 2 pm MST

Location: Zoom Online

Price: $450 (Discount 3 or more CityU Student/Alumni)

Course Description

Participants will learn how to prevent, diagnose, and respond to difficult dynamics that side-track and distract their teams.This 20 hour course will focus on applying practical, hands-on skills and structures to create synergy and productivity. Course content will build on personal vision, core values and emotional intelligence as a foundation for establishing and maintaining trust. Participants will explore strategies and skills for dealing with conflict and the course will culminate with the development of a strategic team plan and application of content in case studies

As a team leader, your mission is to help your team leverage the team to achieve goals and initiatives in a way that synergizes the whole of the team’s parts. No one person on any team can fulfill every role that a productive, healthy and high performing team requires. The Intentional Team Leadership course provides leaders and aspiring leaders with practical, hands-on skills and structures to apply what you already know about leadership to your team dynamic.

Corrine Thorsteinson is an Associate Superintendent- Human Resources with 20+ years of site-based and systems leadership experience in the education sector. 

Corrine has successfully led school and system teams and prides herself in being an ideal team player at the senior leadership level. 

Throughout these 20+ years, Corrine has come to know the power of any organization is in its people. When you get a group of high performing people working towards a common goal, nothing can get in their way! 

Corrine holds a B.A and B.Ed in addition to an M.Ed in Educational Leadership. She is a certified Six Types of Working Genius Facilitator and is Trust at Work Certified.

Danica Martin is the Founder and Principal Coach of Danica Designs Coaching and Consulting and has over 20+ years of experience in leadership roles at the school and system level in the field of education.  She has lead a variety of complex teams and worked strategically with them to improve performance and cohesion.  

Danica holds a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership as well as a Bachelor of Education degree.  Additionally, she is a certified Working Genius facilitator and a certified Professional and Business Coach.

Danica believes strongly in the power and importance of leadership and the impact leaders have on the success of their teams and organizations.  

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