Talk-Listen: Centering Youth Wisdom in Group Work at Peak House

By: Bhupie Dulay, Stephanie Karsnow, Vikki Reynolds and Graeme Sampson

This article, co-authored by four individuals known to many at CityU, speaks to their work with youth at Peak House. Recently profiled while celebrating their 30th Anniversary, and sharing roots with City Univsity Canada, Peak House has changed the lives of many impacted youth in our city. This contribution features Bhupe Dulay, M.A., RCC who is now teaching with us at CityU Canada in the Master of Counselling program.

“Drugs just took over. But I was always there – hidden somewhere. I just needed the old me again. Peak House was the place I could do that” – Serina



The Talk-Listen group is a therapeutic group at Peak House that exemplifies a set of ethics, values and practices, which aim to center and uphold youth wisdom. In this article, transcripts of Talk-Listen groups are utilized to illustrate therapeutic practices that aim to co-construct relational safety, address the contexts in which struggles exist, illuminate resistance, and weave a sense of belonging, connection and hope amongst youth. These practices create the foundation on which youth wisdom can be recognized and witnessed. Through the demonstratio of youth wisdom in practice, this writing also explores the importance of recognizing the following in therapeutic work with youth: resistance to oppression as wisdom, the ways that youth laterally mentor and uphold one another, true collaboration ad client-centered practice, transformation and change, and the ethical requirement of amplifying hope.

Read the entire 36 page article as an online PDF here, or download it for reference and sharing.