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Student Testimonials

Our student community shares with us their experience at CityU. If you are interested in joining our community but haven’t decided, click on the videos and get some inspiration from these testimonials.

Our CityU Family share with us their journey at CityU

Brian K. Work, MEd Leadership Graduate

I recently completed a Master of Education in Leadership through City University in Canada. The experience was overwhelmingly positive and has contributed to a deeper understanding of how to be effective in a school position. Throughout the program, I learned theory and principles of leadership and was challenged to develop my own personal leadership style and abilities. The program has an excellent balance of theory and practical opportunities.

One of the highlights of the program was the instructors. The faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classes. Many of the faculty members were in roles of significant leadership and they were able to bring their experience into the classroom in a very practical manner.

I also appreciated the chance to work in a cohort program. Being with a consistent group of students afforded the opportunity to grow together and learn from each other’s journey.

I deeply appreciated the academic rigor and emphasis on authentic research. The skills I have learned, in this area, continue to shape my thinking and practice.

I would highly recommend City University in Canada to anyone who is interested in deepening their leadership skills and understandings. I have grown in my ability to work with people. I have also grown in my understandings of  school dynamics. The Masters program was invaluable to my ability to grow as a professional, and was a personal challenge to continue to develop excellence in leadership.

Michelle Prinsonsky, MEd Leadership graduate

Michelle Prinsonsky

“The Master of Education in Leadership program at City University has given me a deeper understanding of leadership principles and practices. The program has expanded my frame of mind, helping me become a more effective leader in my current teaching role. The faculty members are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and the curriculum is both rigorous and rewarding. I also love working with and learning from a cohort of like-minded, passionate professionals. We lean on and celebrate each other in every step of our growth journey. The skills and knowledge I have gained in my graduate experience are invaluable and will continue to serve me well throughout my career as I pursue formal leadership”

Meet City Graduate, Debie Dixon

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