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Thriving not Surviving: Building Sustainable Wellness Habits for Clinicians.

Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace Certification Course

Instructor: Steven Langer, Founder and CEO, Well By Design

Time: February 22 (5-8pm), February 23 (5-8pm) and February 24 (10-4pm) – All times MST

Location: Virtual

Cost: $199

Course Description

More than ever, mental health and wellness is an important aspect of a healthy workplace culture and environment. When people are healthy and organizations focus on wellness, it leads to loyalty and engagement, higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and illness, and a better overall workplace.

This 12-hour, virtual course prepares the leaders and aspiring leaders for effectively leading their organization, school, or team to a healthy workplace culture, focused on wellness. Participants will learn foundational concepts of wellness, including the dimensions of wellness, social determinants of health, as well as review policies and research related to wellness initiatives. 

Through engaging content and challenging topics, we dive deep into understanding how to invest in healthy workplace cultures, how to identify and mitigate burnout, and how to develop a strategy for wellness that will lead to a healthy, productive, and successful organization. Participants will transfer theory to practice through group learning, a wellness assessment, and develop their own wellness strategic plans for their current workplace.

Course Structure

Course experiences are designed with the expectation that all members will be fully involved in all classes and in all coursework experiences. We expect that you will not be absent from class, with the exception of documented instances of personal or family illness, unexpected emergencies, or for religious requirements. If for any reason you do need to be absent from the class, please contact Steven Langer at prior to the class to make alternative arrangements for completion of coursework. 

Steven Langer

I have had an incredibly rich career, with over 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors as a leader and executive. I have demonstrated experience in leading teams, creating healthy workplace cultures, and supporting teams to thrive by empowering staff and building capacity..

A Masters of Leadership in Education, along with a degree in health and physical education, have supported the work I have done at all levels of organizations. I understand the unique needs of employees, executives and organizations. With coursework in change management, organizational behaviour, executive human resource management, policy development, strategic planning and financial management, I bring a wealth of knowledge and lived experience to my role as a consultant.

As a father of two and husband, life at home is rich, fulfilling, and at times overwhelming. I am incredibly fortunate to have the support of my family and friends in my life. To build wellness into my own life, I enjoy connecting with nature through hikes and off leash visits with my dog, as well as tennis, golf, camping and sailing.

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