Top 3 reasons students choose CityU: Convenience & flexibility, relevant programs, adult learning environment

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CityU Canada

CityU Canada is the Canadian branch of City University of Seattle. We subscribe to the core values and offerings of City University Seattle, while offering uniquely Canadian programs and content at our campuses in British Columbia and Alberta, located in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. CityU Canada offers degrees in Master of Counselling and Master of Education. As educators and learners, it is critical to understand the human story and our place in it. Education aims to dispel ignorance, dissolve prejudice, question the taken-for-granted, and develop understanding in ways that combine objectivity and compassion. CityU’s education prepares students to respond to the pressing issues of today and with our practitioner-based faculty, effectively train students for the workforce. CityU offers a flexible and relevant education that gives priority to the needs of working adults and flexible learners, and provides higher education that can be applied in the community and in rapidly changing workforces. If you know how you want to impact your community, we are here to help.


About City University of Seattle
City University of Seattle is a private nonprofit university accredited through the doctoral level. It is dedicated to serving the working adult and transfer student and is ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the Top 30 in the country for its online bachelor‘s degree programs and is among the top producer of MBAs and teachers in the state of Washington. CityU offers flexible online, onsite, and performance-based programs throughout North America, Asia and Europe and is headquartered in Seattle. CityU’s curriculum is informed and taught by professionals who are leaders in their industry and can prepare students for their big meeting tomorrow or their next big career move.


Mission and Values
Change lives for good by offering high quality and relevant lifelong education to anyone with the
desire to learn.

• Flexibility: design and deliver programs and services to be convenient to students
• Accessibility: provide educational opportunities to anyone, anywhere
• Innovation: continually create new educational opportunities
• Relevance: teach what can be applied today and tomorrow
• Global: act local and think global