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Trauma & Resistance workshops

Trauma & Resistance with Donny Riki

Oct 5 and 6

Price: $220 Cnd

11am-2pm Aotearoa/New Zealand

9am-12pm Sydney Australia

Trauma & Resistance with Riel Dupuis-Rossi & Charlene Hellson

Oct 7 and 8 

Price: $220 Cnd

9am-12pm PST Vancouver

12pm-3pm EST Toronto

Solidarity Talks: ‘Self’ Care: Essential, and entirely inadequate. Vikki Reynolds a white settler therapist/activist in dialogue with Jill Faulkner, “born in Aotearoa, however I have now lived more of my years relating on the lands of the First peoples of Australia than my own grandfather’s country”. They discuss critique of individualism capitalism empire and hierarchy that dominates ‘self-care’ industry, and resistance to self-care as solidarity work and collective care. Offering a weaving of workers’ interpersonal and relational experiences to structural and systemic oppression. Jill “I am interested in how power operates across people’s lives and how we walk a thin line as workers in a system that is effectively replicating power…. and the imposition (often unwittingly) of the colonial imprint that workers engage in…and are directed to engage in”

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