Travelling to Canada

Updated February 22, 2021

  • All international students planning on travelling to Canada for the purpose of studying at CityU Canada must submit their quarantine plans.
  • Visit the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): International students page to determine if you are eligible for travel to Canada. 
  • A pre-departure negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours will be required for all air travellers coming to Canada. 
  • In addition to proof of a negative pre-departure test, all international travellers will be required to take a molecular (PCR) test on (effective February 21, 2021). Click here for more information on how molecular COVID-19 testing is being conducted.
  • Students will be required to stay in a government approved hotel for 3 days while waiting for a negative COVID-19 test. If the test is negative you can continue with your quarantine according to your plan (family, alternate hotel, etc.). Note: You must complete your 14 day quarantine even if your arrival test is negative.
  • All hotels will be located near one of the 4 Canadian airports currently accepting international flights. A full list of hotels and policies are available here.
  • If your test is positive, you will be required to stay in quarantine at the government approved hotel for the full 14 days.
  • Testing and Hotel expenses are estimated to be $2000 CAD or more. These expenses will come out of your own pocket. Be sure to bring financial support document to demonstrate that you have enough funds available to pay for these additional testing and hotel costs.

The ultimate authority allowing students into the country rests with the Canadian Border Services Agency. If you choose to travel to Canada, it is your responsibility to provide proof that you’re eligible.


  1. You have a valid study permit or a study permit approval. Note: an Approval in Principle or AIP does not permit students to travel.
  2. You have a self-isolation plan and documents prepared in advance and submitted to CityU Canada and ArriveCan (check here for the official information)
  3. A negative COVID test result within 72 hours of travel will be required for all air travellers coming to Canada starting on January 7th. Anyone who receives a negative test result and is authorized to enter Canada must still complete the full, mandatory 14-day quarantine.
  4. All international travellers will be required to take a molecular (PCR) test on arrival.
  5. Students will be required to stay in a government approved hotel for 3 days while waiting for a negative COVID-19 test. 

Resources for Students

International students arriving from abroad are required to  have a self-isolation plan in place, prior to their arrival. This plan must be submitted to the Government of Canada, the BC Government, and to City University in Canada.

Isolating in a new and different country may present challenges and raise questions, CityU is here to help you through the process. Contact us if you require any help.

.All students should review the Government of Canada and BC Government laws and regulations before making any travel plans.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your trip: