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Treaties Recognition Week – November 1-7th

Treaties Recognition week was started by Ontario in 2016 as a response to the TRC Calls to Action. Although it is not a nationally recognized week, it is an opportunity to reflect on how important treaties are to all living on Turtle Island. Learn more about treaties through the resources provided below.  

What is a Treaty? 

A treaty is an agreement made between First Nations and the federal government. A treaty outlines the collective rights and obligations for shared use of the land between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Treaties uphold and protect more than rights to land, they also outline responsibilities for areas such as health care, education, water, and resources.  

The phrase “we are all treaty people” acknowledges that treaties define the ongoing rights and responsibilities of all who live on Turtle Island.  


Wampum Talk: We Are All Treaty People 

What is a Treaty? 

What to Read and Watch During Treaty Recognition Week 

6 Common Myths about Treaties in Canada 

Knowledge Keeper Robert Green: Treaties Affect All Aspects of Life 

Indigenous Voices on Treaties 

We Are All Treaty People (Anishinabek Nation) 


Alberta Treaty Map 

First Peoples Map (Treaties) 

Native Land Digital  

Did you know? 

1. Treaties 6, 7, 8  cover most of the land that we know as Alberta?   

2. Almost 95% of British Columbia is unceded territory?  

3. Many of the treaties that exist today were signed over 100 years ago and are still valid?

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