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Tuition Refund Policy


Tuition is refundable only when a student “officially” withdraws from a course/s according to the schedule documented in the refund policy. Students who are withdrawn from a course/s for disciplinary reasons or a breach of conduct forfeit the right to a refund of any portion of their tuition and fees. 

All refunds solicited by students receiving financial aid will be referred to the Office of Student Financial Aid for review in accordance with relevant financial aid program requirements or governmental regulations.

If a student waits until the end of the term to withdraw from a course, there will be no course tuition refund or credit balance on the student’s account. If repeating the course is needed, the student will be required to pay the tuition upon re-enrollment in the course.

When submitting refund requests, students may indicate their desired disposition of the funds. If no specification is received the refund will stay on the student’s account. If reimbursement is requested and payment was originally made by credit card, the same account will be credited directly. Otherwise, students must indicate that they either elect to receive the refund by check or that they wish to keep the funds in their City University of Seattle account to be applied to the cost of future registrations. Any credit balances of less than one dollar ($1.00) that remain on students’ accounts at the end of the fiscal year (6/30) will be written off with the exception of credit balances originating from federal financial aid or veteran benefits. Federal financial aid or veteran benefits with unclaimed credit balances of one dollar ($1.00) or less will be returned to the originating agency.

Refund begins on first day of sessionPercent of Refund
10-Week Regular Session 100%50% 0%
5-Week Session (1st) Up to day 7Day 8-21Day 22+
 5-week Session (2nd) Up to Day 1Day 2-7Day 8+

For Tuition Refunds dates please click here

International Student Tuition Deposit

The tuition deposit is non-refundable. Any request for a Deposit refund is subject to the following conditions:

  • The Tuition Deposit is non-refundable after the Letter of Acceptance has been issued, unless an application for a study permit has been denied, in which case the refusal letter is required along with the Deposit refund request.  
  • The Deposit will be applied towards the term(s) of enrollment at CityU.  Any portion of the Deposit not used in the first term will be credited to the student’s second term as a non-refundable payment towards tuition and fees. 
  • If a student applicant requests a Deposit refund before the LOA has been issued, a $300 handling fee will be charged, which does not include the non-refundable CityU application fee. 
  • In the event of visa rejection, a student applicant should expect to wait 15 business days for a Deposit refund to be processed.  Such refund will be returned to the fee payer directly.

For NEW International Students who paid the required tuition deposit and received a letter of acceptance: 

Withdrawn from the program BEFORE the classes start in the first term
Status of Study PermitAmount Retained at CityU
Approved100% of the deposit quoted in the LOA
Withdrawn from the program AFTER the classes start in first term
At any point after the first day of classes in the first quarter as listed on the Enrolment Agreement 100% of total fee under agreement 

For more information regarding CityU’s refund policy please visit our catalogue.

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