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Virtual University Canada

Virtual Campuses

CityU in Canada’s Virtual campus has a faculty of active clinical practitioners who are deeply committed to developing your theoretical underpinning, clinical skills, and research competencies. 

The Master of Counselling Degree Virtual program utilizes a cohort-based learning framework.  This means that you complete all of your courses in a virtual but synchronous learning environment (regular scheduled date and time), with the same group of students. The program typically takes three years to complete depending on the cohort and internship you choose to complete your supervised hours of practice.

CityU in Canada’s Virtual Master of Counselling program allows you to attend class by video conference every Saturday and Sunday morning. The video conference modality is a virtual but synchronous face-to-face learning platform with no discussion boards or online formats.  The videoconference modality provides for an in-classroom experience while not leaving your home.