We had an amazing presentation by Mark Kirby talking about the role that hydrogen can play in decarbonizing Canada.

Thanks to Mark Kirby for a magnificent presentation. 

Experts are studying the changes needed to meet our commitment to limit global temperature rise to less at 1.5°C and confirm that hydrogen is an essential part of the solution. Hydrogen technologies are needed to complement and support more recognised solutions such as energy efficiency, clean power generation, electrification, biotechnology and battery technology.

In fact, low-carbon intensity hydrogen can help substantially reduce carbon emissions in many hard-to-decarbonise sectors of the economy. This includes industrial processes such as steel, chemical and mining, residential and commercial heating, and of course, transportation.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology can also help heavy-duty transportation sectors, such as buses, rail, trucking, aviation, marine and off-road – large and growing emitters of greenhouse gas and criteria pollutants – become zero emission. These heavy-duty applications are not suited to battery technology, which cannot match the ability of fuel cell electric vehicles to “go farther/fill faster.” This unique nature provides the efficiency and flexibility that heavy-duty applications need.

The lecture will outline the role that hydrogen can play in decarbonizing Canada, the current status of the hydrogen-related technologies such as fuel cells, and what activities are happening here in Canada and around the world to advance hydrogen.