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We Stand with Ukraine

City University in Canada wants to acknowledge the suffering and loss of life caused by the naked and completely unjustifiable invasion and violence perpetrated towards to the people of the Ukraine.  Unfortunately, this is only one of many violent conflicts that impact the global community, and it is important to mention the conflicts occurring in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, the Sahel and elsewhere.  We are explicit in our solidarity with the people of the Ukraine and all people impacted by violence and war. CityU stands for peace and the inherent right for all to live their lives in safety and dignity.  

Collectively we live in a world struggling with Covid 19, climate change, the fight for social justice, and war.  Never, in most of our living memories, have so many challenges confronted our ability to navigate distress, uncertainty, and fear while continuing to live our lives and realize our aspirations.  As a community we at CityU strive to find common purpose to lift one another up in the face of so much hardship. 

CityU is committed to social justice, access, and inclusion. Moreover, CityU is a community that supports social justice advocacy on a macro level, but it also supports the individual needs of all students, faculty, and staff.  The mental health of the CityU community is of utmost concern as we walk together through this time of international conflict and war.

The diversity of the CityU student body, faculty and staff is our greatest strength as we stand united together against all acts of violence at home and abroad.  We recognize that the times we are living in have created an abundance of trepidation, stress, and trauma for many in our immediate community, our extended community in Canada, and Internationally. Now more than ever, we must stand together in care and empathy.  

Through these perilous days of conflict and apprehension, our CityU community supports one another, creating safe spaces for common understanding, and cultivating environments that nurture peace and connection. CityU firmly believes that through education, dialogue, compassion, and courage the world can realize reconciliation and harmony for all.

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